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Feathers Coloring Book - SALE! Help for Hair Pullers: Understanding and Coping with Trichotillomania - SALE! The Hair Pulling Habit and You
The Hair Pulling Problem What's Happening to My Child - A Guide for Parents' of Hair Pullers - Sale! The Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness: Express Your Needs and Deal with Conflict While Keeping a Kind Heart
The Perfect Pull Project Dermatillomania Spikey Jiggle Ball - 4 / $1.00
Life is Trichy Courage Critters! - SALE! SCRATCHMENOT Flip Mitten Sleeve - SALE!
SCRATCHMENOT Bubby Bag - Sleeping Bag - Sale! Rubbabu Fuzzi Friends - All Natural Rubber! Finger Monsters
Trichster: The Documentary (US DVD version) SALE Trichster: The Documentary (Region 2 - UK & Europe) DVD) Holiday Survival Guide
Psychological Interventions for Children with Sensory Dysregulation Courage Gift Set Stop Nail Biting: Freedom Companion Guide
Stop Skin Picking: Freedom Companion Guide Stop Hair Pulling: Freedom Companion Guide Trichophagia Brochure